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Repository is a collection of tools used to create various projects, modules, packages, frameworks from templates. These tools are based on unified mechanism of template description and instantiation. The main goal of this mechanism is to provide a way to easily create and use various kinds of templates.

At present time Repository project was split into two packages: dh_make_text and repository. In the nearest future both programs will use unified Repository framework.

All programs are distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License.


dh_make_text is a program for quick debianization of archives containing text (simple text, HTML or any other format) and nothing more. In most cases it produces ready-to-build package using debhelper after few steps without hand-editing any Debian control files.

This is a very concise description - see local documentation for details.

Latest version is 0.0.1 28-04-2001
APT Add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main

And use:

apt-get update
apt-get install dh-make-text



This program allows you to create and manage your own repository of code templates. You can use these templates as basis for creating new modules, classes or even small projects. Many programmers make this with various scripts. Main goal of this project is to create universal, simple and flexible way to manage repositories of templates.

In the center of the whole technology there is script named new, written currently in Perl. It is able to install templates or to create new templates on the basis of existing (migrate). While installing or migrating you can change values of any number of variables or set default values of them. These values are inserted where needed into installed template. You can create files with default variable values for every template or user or project or repository or any number of them.

This is a very concise description - see local documentation for details. Distribution also contains several useful examples for quick start.

This project was suspended due to lack of new ideas.

Latest version is 0.0.2 20-06-2000
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